Lease plans – Land Registry compliant

Measured NIA ( Net Internal Area) for the building – and IPMS3 areas for office buildings


Second floor NIA sq ft

First floor NIA sq ft

Ground floor NIA sq ft

NIA areas are listed on one drawing.

The area of the demise is often crucial to the rental value. Cubico’s figures have a provable level of accuracy when challenged by other survey professionals.

Lease plan clearly showing the extent of a demise.

Cubico will often liaise with solicitors as lease documents are completed. Slight changes to fit the detail of the lease can easily be done at  a late stage.

A demise could be a whole floor or part of a floor.

Once the building is measured partitions can be added or deleted as required.


Lease plans are supplied in PDF format.

Created directly from a CAD application the lines never deteriorate and can  be printed clearly at any size. The extent of the demise is always clear, saving time consuming disputes.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turn around time?

Lease plans are usually required at short notice and often need amending just before lease documents are signed. Our thorough workflow allows for short lead times and final amends can be done wherever we are. Our plans are Land Registry Compliant.

How can we work with you?

We can produce clear digital plans from your marked up sketches of a property

We can adapt and enhance your existing digital CAD plans

We can use state of the art hand held laser measurement instruments to survey your property, drawing on computer as we measure.

We can increase the accuracy of a plan by using additional instruments, like a total station, to definitively measure spaces that are not rectangular.

What do I get?

Land Registry Compliant lease plans , sized for A4 paper.

Area plans, showing precisely what has been excluded from Gross Internal Area (GIA) to get a Net Internal Area (NIA).

Retail zone areas (ITZA)

Survey record drawings. We show precisely where measurements and checks have been taken.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Anyone creating a lease document for a commercial property.

Private landlords

Property asset managers

Property fund managers


RICS have implemented IPMS-3 for offices from January 2016

RICS Property Measurement, 1st edition” updates the RICS Code of Measuring Practice, 6th edition and incorporates International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS).

This only affects area measurement of offices at present but in time will affect the measurement of residential, industrial and retail properties.

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