Measured Building Surveys

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Plans, elevations and sections

Fourth floor GIA sq ft

Third floor GIA sq ft

Second floor GIA sq ft

First floor GIA sq ft

Ground floor GIA sq ft

Basement GIA sq ft

Cubico’s measured building surveys are a solid basis for a refurbishment proposal.

Cubico surveys

  • Office buildings
  • Mixed use retail and Residential
  • Mixed use retail and office space
  • Warehouse Units
  • Residential


Reliable survey methods.

According to the constraints of the brief, the type of measuring equipment and survey methods will be agreed as part of the quotation or the fee proposal before an instruction from the client is issued to proceed.


Cubico Measured buildings surveys can be audited.

Total station measurements are imported directly in 3D into ArchiCAD. Laser distancemeter measurements are recorded on site. A paperless workflow increases accuracy.

Compatible with many CAD formats.

2-D drawings are supplied in DWG. 3-D virtual models are applied in IFC or Sketchup format. We have successfully exported 3-D models to AutoCAD and Microstation.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the measured survey take?

Every building is unique. The time taken to complete a survey will depend on access to the building, the detail level of the survey and the instruments used. A quotation will estimate how long a survey will take, clients are kept informed of any access or other difficulties that may arise.



What information do you need to give me a quotation?

The site address

Any existing plans of the property to assess the complexity of the floorpates

A list of drawings required i.e. number of plans, elevations and sections

Details of access to the property i.e. Are the keys held off site

Date of when the property is accessible

Any deadlines when the completed survey drawings are required


What do I get?


All drawings are supplied in your preferred CAD format with reference drawings in PDF format

If a 3-D model has been produced it can be supplied for use in AutoCAD, Revit, Micostation and Sketchup


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